Tips & Tricks

  1. Grooming ?
    Since grooming can be exhausting for some pets, we advise to groom 1 full day before the photoshoot. We do not provide grooming services, it is up to you to have your pet looking his/her best! For equine we recommend applying show sheen for a luxurious looking coat.
  2. Play ?
    A good play session 1-2 hours before the session can help relax the pet
  3. Treats ?
    We will have some treats on hand, but if you’re animal has any special dietary requirements you will be required to provide treats.
  4. Props ?
    We are able to capture the most free-spirited animals with no props at all! However, we have the “Classical look”; glasses, books, and bow tie look and the “Humorous” steam punk goggles (see portfolio for both looks!). We have other props available, depending on need, just ask! Any other props you’d like, you are required to provide.
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